Andrew Jackon Presidency

Andrew Jackson no longer a hero but rather a zero

Main reason he went from HERO to ZERO

Andrew Jackson was a beloved president in his first term as president. But in his second term he took off his mask and revealed his true self. A rowdy civilian who takes care of his problems by fighting.

Andrew Jackson's First Major Mistake-The Spoils System

The Spoils System was a major mistake. Some people look at it and sya, "Huh, that's cool that he's giving poor people a job." But the truth is not only was he giving poor people a job but he was letting random unqualified people run our government! Not only did they have absolutley no expeirence in governing but he was fine with it. If we had let him continue doing this now we wouldn't the world's strongest country. We would be weak and pathetic because no one knew had to do anything. We would be broken and no doubt that states would secede!

Trail of Tears an Abomination!

The Trail of Tears was not only cruel but it was not needed. The Indians were trying to be us. They wanted to be Americans they went to our schools, they dressed like us, they even had their own Constitution like us. And what does Andrew Jackson do? He forces them to move across the U.S. and they didn't fight back because they were smart unlike Andrew Jackson who would start a fight if you told him that his shoes were ugly.
History vs. Andrew Jackson - James Fester