Green Revolution and GMO's

Green Revolution Questions:

1.What were the causes and results of the Bengal Famine in 1943?

Causes: Crop failures in the prior year and exports of rice.

Results: The results were that 1.5 - 4 million people died out of 60.3 million due to starvation, disease, and famine.

2.Briefly describe the three basic elements of the Green Revolution in India:

Use genetic modified seeds, doubling cropping in existing farmland, and and expansion of farmlands.

3. List two positive results of the Green Revolution India:

It increased production and the yearly yields.

4. List three positive economic, sociologic or political results of the Green Revolution in India:

Economic: Created many jobs(agricultural and industrial).

Political: India payed back all the loans from the World Bank.

Sociologic: The Green Revolution helped create jobs in the agricultural and industrial also with factories and hydro electric power stations.

5. Briefly describe the two limitations of the Green Revolution in India:

They are not fully self sufficient off of local grown food. Also they are not producing as much high value crops.

Positives & Negatives of GMO'S


~India went from a poor nation and no food to a country of exportation of food.

~Created more jobs not just in the agricultural industry but in the industry.

~The Green Revolution helped produce over 131 million tons of grains in 1979.

~India had payed back the World Bank for all their loans.



~Due to two or three yields a year the soil nutrients goes down hurting the yearly yields.

~Due to many chemicals used in farming many insects and small animals have died.

~Weeds increased due to farmers not picking them when they yield a crop.

~Pets that used to be repelled by these pesticides and the pets have become immune to them.



The Green Revolution helps countries devolp and have a successful year. The green revolution will help countries move to the next stage in the DTM and be better off. Projections concluded that the food/people was not going to be enough. While the popukation countined to grow, the agriculture grew also. There were many people to feed but not enough resource to feed everyone. The green revoution idea was created by Norman Borlaug. He stared this idea in 1943, he first began on the mexican land, their goal was to alleviate hunger and starvatin by improving the agricultural techniques. Seeds that were genetic modified helped with the speeding up of growing the crop.