Amadeus Project

Josh Mulumba

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emphasis on the crazy hair

Favorite Present Day Song

I think Mozart's favorite song would be 10 bands by Drake because it basically talks about how hard he works on his music and that's exactly what Mozart does.

Favorite Present Day Movie

I think Mozart's favorite movie would be Step Brothers because he's a funny guy and I feel like he would enjoy the comedy in this movie.

Favorite Present Day Book

I think his favorite book would be any book from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series because they are funny books and I think Mozart would enjoy them.

Mozart's Most Memorable Moment

I think Mozart's most memorable moment was when the king told him to let him hear the full ballet even though he ruled it illegal. This showed how great his work was.

Mozart's Most Embarrassing Moment

I think Mozart's most embarrassing moment was when the king told him that he had too many notes in his piece.

Quote from Salieri about Mozart’s character

"He had simply written down music already finished in his head!"

This quote shows Saleri praising Mozart's gift with music