Want to try Québec Cuisine?

I've got some ideas for you!

First of all: what is traditional Quebec food? Here are some examples:

The World's famous Poutine

Poutine is the unofficial national dish of Québec. It is a meal consisting of French fries, fresh cheese curds and topped with hot ''mysterious'' gravy. Even if many restaurants have their own fancy version of it, poutine will always be the ultimate comfort food.

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Baked beans (fèves au lard)

A traditional dish consisting mainly of beans and pieces of pork , slow-cooked in an earthenware dish or in a slowcooker. A number of variations exist, but the most popular version is made with maple syrup. My tip: go to a restaurant where they serve breakfast or brunch, they will have baked beans!
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Meat pie (pâté à la viande)

A ground beef pie with a top and bottom crust. My mother cooks the best!

Just like baked beans, meat pie is very common in a traditional breakfast or brunch.

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Sugar pie (tarte au sucre)

A pie filled with a mixture of cream, flour, egg, and brown sugar, which is sometimes replaced with maple syrup. My favourite sugar pie in Old-Quebec is at Café Chez Temporel with one of their delicious coffees.

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Pea soup (soupe aux pois)

A thick soup consisting of dry yellow peas, salt pork, and sometimes vegetables, simmered in water seasoned with a bay leaf. Pea soup is often part of the traditional meal served at sugar shacks. You can also buy a can of this soup at the supermarket and bring it back home.
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Montreal-style smoked meat

Montreal-style smoked meat or just ''smoked meat'' is a specialty from the largest city in the province. It comes in the form of an are big enormous sandwiches made of seasoned beef briskets. The brisket is allowed to absorb the flavours overmarinated for a week, and is then hot smoked to cook through, and finally steamed to completion. Montreal smoked meat is typically served in the form of aon light -rye bread sandwich with and yellow mustard. My favourite place in Quebec City? Phil's Smoked Meat in the St-Roch district.

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Where can I try this delicious food? Here are my picks!

Buffet de l'Antiquaire

Located on St.Paul Sstreet in the Old Port district, this tiny restaurant has a real local

atmosphere. Among their specialties are typical "Québécois" breakfasts complete with baked beans and home-made jams. .The Buffet de l'Antiquaire offers fine food at reasonable prices.


La Bûche

Eating at La Bûche is like visiting a sugar shack with a modern twist. You can even try a ''Caribou'', Quebec's special liquor. They have the BEST bacon ever! They also serve maple taffy on snow... available all year long!



Grand-ma's comfort food in a funky decor. Here, you can have the success of the past re-visited. Also, go if you want a great cocktail after the tour!


Le Snack-Bar St-Jean

This is my favorite place for poutine. It has a local snack bar atmosphere

and, of course, great poutine. Be careful though: the servings are HUGE, so only take

the small or regular size!

You have a car? Let's explore!

Chez Madame Charlotte

Located in Limoilou, this friendly ,local restaurant serves the best shepard's pie, meatball stew and lasagna in town. They also serve delicious breakfast on Sundays.

La Traite or La Sagamité

Located in Wendake, the Huron-Wendate reserve in Quebec City, both of these restaurants serve traditional Huron-Wendate food such as elk, buffalo and local cheeses. Eating in Wendake is a unique experience!



La Cuisine or L'autre Cuisine

Really one of my favorites! La Cuisine (on St.Valier Street) and L'Autre Cuisine (on Myrand Street) serve typical comfort food such as shepherd's pie, lasagna and ratatouille. I really love their kitsch decor which takes us back to the 80's. Prices are reasonable and they serve local beer in pitchers made from watering plants cans. :)


Bon appétit!