The Midwest Region!!!



The Midwest region contains the following states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.

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Big Tourist Atractions!!!!

Some really cool places to visit in the Midwest region are The Mall of America, Mount Rushmore, The Spam Museum, The Lake of Ozarks, and The U.S. Calvary Museum.
Versatile 855 Tractor pulling a Chisel Plow near New Madison Ohio

Crops and Live Stock!!!!

The Midwest region is known as the nations bread basket. It has fertile soil and corn and wheat are grown in this area. They have a lot of dairy farms to produce dairy products to the U.S. Pig farms are another livestock and they are mainly in Minnesota and Iowa. Pigs produce Pork and Bacon.


The Midwest region experiences all 4 seasons. They get a lot of snow in the winters and average around 10 degrees. The summers can be hot and average around 80 degrees.
1800 Gold Miners


The Midwest region has lots of mines to mine iron and coal. In Wisconsin they are really big on lead mining. In the 1800's, they had up to 1,000 people working in the mines. Another big ore mined there is zinc.


A big way to deliver is the Mississippi river because its a big river that touches lots of states. There's also by road because they have very good interstates. The last way is by air because in all the states we have at least 1 or more airports.