Me, Myself, and I

About Me

About Myself

My name is Riana Lawson, and I play basketball at Schlagle high school. I love to watch tv and get in a gym and just shoot. I hate when people take things out on me and i dont do anything. I also love to eat all the time, yet i hate when people are smacking on their food like i get so mad and irritated.

Racism Search

Do Police practice Racism

I chose this question because I dont get why officers are racist and so many kill blacks i want to see if they practice it. I know that most "white" people are racist and thats why blacks go on riots about it.

Police trust

This information will tell you how the police have did brutal things to black people which weren't necessary.

Its Not just One Race!

In this article you'll read about a Hispanic getting shot with a clip of bullets for being scared.
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Racist officer

As in the picture the officers can be racist in or out of school, and officers are racist to students that are driving.

Final Thoughts

That officers are still racist to this day and will probably will always be. In conclusion i think certain areas people teach the officers racism because of back then they taught them what to do when they saw a different race.