Andrews Interview

By Gustavo


Today we are welcoming Mr.Andrew. He is Fourteen he is also one of the contestants on Surviving Antarctica. So Andrew we are asking you a couple of cuestions today. Okay here we go question 1...

Q:How do you feel when you saw the horse got eaten?

A:I felt kind of bad just letting it go like that and die...yet I still cant believe it.

Q:Do you feel comfterable around Polly?And why?

A:Actually yes I do becuase,... actually I don't know why!?

Q:What if you found out there is a trader on the ship?

A:Well I would... POUND HIM TO THE FLOOR AND KICK HIS BUTT!!! Na im just kidding.

Q:What if you get hurt badly?

A:I will find a way to contact my mom and tell her I might not make it...

Q: What if...well...what if you find out there is no camera crew what would you do?

A:I'd go on a rampage destroying anything in my way and probably go swimming in the cold for a while.

Q:Who do you trust more on this ship?

A:I think that would be Polly.

Q:What would you do if you got attacked by shark after it just killed Milky?

A:I would be pretty freaked out and scared.

Q:If you could would you go back in time and kill the shark before it ate Milky?

A:I would absolutely kill it.

Q:How did you feel when the whole thing happened before your eyes?

A:I felt really sad...(tear came down his eyes)

Me: Youre lonely right?Andrew:yeah.sniff,sniff.


Milky the brave horse.



This is what I think he will look like when he's older.


The host of the show is Mrs. Jabasco or Hot Sauce. She sais it is important for them to go so the people can get a n idea what it's like in Antarctica.She also sais its important for people to watch so she can get more money.


They tell you what you need to get to an education. And if you don't you better be rich to get an education. The next toss will be held in 2088


I am 26 I have been wanting to be a reporter for 2 years. I am happy to be here with Andrew today. GOODNIGHT!!!