By: Emily Loane

Freddie Gray

  • Black Man who dies in police custody
  • Suffered from severe spine injury and voice box crushed
  • Found him with a knife in his pants and arrested him for weapons charge
  • It took the police to get him to the police station that should have taken them 2 minutes

Somethings Not adding Up

  • Observer saw Freddie in pain while carried to police van
  • I took the police 1 hour to get to the police station that should have took them 2 minutes
  • Police's responses didn't match up to each other
  • Witness said that they saw the police officers hurt him during his arrest
  • They denied medical attention during his transport

Riots Start

Monday, April 27th 2015 at 3:30pm

Baltimore, MD, United States

Baltimore, MD

Rioters start to confront police by throwing bottles, wrecking police cars, and set a massive fire at Federal street and Gay Street

After Freddie Grays Death

  • Anger grew brutality because they believed that Freddie's death wasn't natural
  • People protest in the streets calmly until after Freddie's funeral when they started trowing bricks at police, burning cars, and looting stores
  • The government declared a state of emergency activating the National Guard
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What is the Government doing?

The government put the death of Freddie Gray to trial and 6 police officers (3 black and 3 white) and witness testifies infrequent of a jury