Up For A Challenge

Booking Blitz and Recruiting Incentives

Booking Blitz Challenge

Hello Owlettes ~

Who is up for a couple of challenges? First, challenge is to book as many Jewelry Bars as you can, follow the documents that I have put on our team page on Facebook. Send me the result sheet on December 1st. Let me know if you are not on our team page so I can send you these documents. I am only doing these challenges for the 1st and 2nd level.

The designer with the most Jewelry Bars booked will receive a $100 gift card to Target. 2nd place will receive $25 gift card to a restaurant of your choice. 3rd place will receive a T-shirt from the back office.

Recruiting Incentive

Build your team!

Recruiting!! Holiday time is the perfect time to bring someone new into the business. Sign up 1 designer receive a gift from me. Sign up 3 designers receive a notebook from the back office. Sign up 5 designers receive a Love, Inspire, Motivate t-shirt and $10.00 gift card from the back office.

Are you reading this?

First person to let me know you have read this will receive a back of Thank You's.