Come to McDonald's

Down in South Africa


  1. Leopard Fillet
  2. Zebra Milkshake
  3. McGazelle
  4. Braai Burger
  5. Elephant Sized Mac
  6. Wine
  7. Scrambled Ostrich Egg
  8. Vegi Burger
  9. Dry Season McNuggets
  10. Poacher Punch

Our Fantastic Foods

Our Attire

In our McDonald's, the workers will wear a caftan (yellow dress) and a fez (red hat). These clothing are very common in South Africa, and are a major part of the South African culture.

Building Design

The McDonald's building in South Africa will be very modern because there are many modern cities in South Africa, but will also have many features that relate to the South African culture. Our McDonald's will look much like a regular McDonald's in America, but will have a Cape Dutch style on the front of the building. Cape Dutch architecture was very famous in South Africa in the 17th century, and is very common in the South African culture.
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Our menu, dress code, and building design relate to the South African culture in many aspects. The caftan, boubou, and the fez all are clothes that are actually worn in South Africa. So the workers will be wearing things that are comfortable to that culture. But South Africa actually has some very modern cities and towns. Our McDonald's will be very modern to today’s society, but will still have the South African culture twist. The food and drinks we make will be associated with the animals in South Africa. Such as the zebra milk shake. Zebras are in South Africa and we make a white and black milkshake so it looks like a zebra. All the cultures animals are incorporated into the names of our food. Finally, our building design is very modern, like a McDonald’s in America, but has Cape Dutch Architecture incorporated into it, to add a little South African culture to it. This is a perfect example of globalization. We from America take our modern idea of McDonald's, and we also take the culture from South Africa to make our clothing, building, and food. So all the ideas are put together to make a great restaurant.