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Principal's Welcome

Welcome Leckie Lion Families and Community Members!

Welcome back (and for newcomers Welcome To😊) The Madeline V. Leckie Education Campus, home of the Lions. At our school, we pride ourselves on maintaining high expectations for achievement while focusing on the individual needs of each scholar. Our educators ensure that our scholars benefit from engaging lessons that encourage them to think critically and solve real‐world problems daily. Our teachers and staff have high expectations and an unshakable belief that all children deserve a rich, well rounded, and intentionally designed school education.

We wholeheartedly accept the challenge of loving and educating the whole-child while ensuring that the adult wellness is also in alignment as we serve student academically but also socio-emotionally. We understand that this work is not easy and as a result we depend on relationship and connection between home and school for scholars to have a successful school year.

There is so much I would love to share with you about the Leckie EC experience! For now, I will share the ones we are most excited about in the upcoming 2022-2023 school year.

Academic Structure: Each grade level is outfitted with a reading teacher, a math teacher, an instructional aide, a special educator and a reading and math interventionist that supports during the instructional block. On average there are 2-3 adults working in a classroom at any given time. Students are grouped, assessed and their progress is tracked bi-weekly.

Intervention Support and MTSS: Our goal is to support the “whole child.” You will hear this term used often. The Multi-Tiered Student Support (MTSS) process highlights student strengths and areas of development. Each child has individualized goals in reading, math, attendance and social- emotional development.

Transcend: This year we are proud to announce that we are a part of the DCPS Whole Child Collaborative. This program supports both adult and child mental health and wellness. After the pandemic, we wanted to be proactive about acknowledging the impacts of Covid-19 on children and staff such as loss of a loved one(s), grief, depression, lack of socialization. Our partnership with Transcend will help teachers and staff to create space to build emotional intelligence, empathy and care for self and others. We start each day with breakfast in the classroom, Strong Start morning meetings and classroom design features that promote a calm, predictable, and organized student-rich environment conducive to learning,

Parents at LECKIE: PAL was founded through the belief that when parents are actively involved – all students achieve more. PAL meets monthly to discuss how they can collectively support their children and Leckie school-wide initiatives.

There is good, hard but exciting and fulfilling work to be done. The Leckie team and I are ready and we look forward to partnering with you this school year.


Principal Niyeka Wilson

First Day of School Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

ARRIVAL - Doors open at 8:30 AM

*There is no Morning or AfterCare week 1*

Grades K - 5 will enter through the main entrance doors. Follow the Grade level signs to the correct screening station. K-2 will walk up to the screening on Chesapeake by the rose garden. 3-5 will enter up the main stairs on MLK.

Middle School students will enter through the rear parking lot. Cell phones will be collected before students are directed to class.

For safety all families will go through a 3 step screening process. Please do not drop and go.

Checkpoint 1- Enrollment

Students who are fully enrolled will receive a wristband and be directed to their grade level line.

Checkpoint 2 - COVID Safety

Students who have not submitted prorf of a negative result must test before entering. All students must submit proof of a negative covid test to We recommend bringing a picture of your test in case of technical issues.

Checkpoint 3 - Pick up Authorization

Family members will meet grade level teachers and identify the family member picking the student up from school at 3:15

DISMISSAL - Doors open at 3:15 PM

PICK UP PERSON MUST BRING ID. Teachers will release students only to the pick up person identified upon drop off.

Dismissal locations by grade level:

Door #1Kindergarten Front lobby

Door #2 First Cafe door by front door

Door #3 Second Chesapeake door closest to MLK

Door #4 Bus riders Chesapeake door closest to JBAB

Door #5 Middle school loading dock

Door #6 Fourth and Fifth rear parking lot exit

Door #7 ECE MLK exit

Door #8 Third grade MLK STAIRWELL EXIT

Parent Visitor Policy

In accordance with DC Health Guidance and the health and safety interests of our students, parents will not be allowed in the building on the first day of school. We will continue to update this policy as circumstances change. It is our hope that we will be able to have full family engagement opportunities back later in the year.

PARENTS WHO WOULD LIKE TO GET INVOLVED on campus ARE ENCOURAGED TO JOIN OUR PARENTS AT LECKIE (PAL) group contact Ms. jenny (202) 645-3330, 310) 944-1171

Leckie Education Campus

A DC Public School proudly serving students from Boiling AFB and Ward 8 Communities.