All About Me

Harriet Grimball

My life

My name is Harriet Grimball and I grew up in Charleston, SC. I am 23 years old and I have 2 sisters, Eliza (24) and Annie (18). My parents both grew up in Charleston and my dad now works in construction and my mom is a caterer. I went to Sewanee for my undergraduate degree and majored in psychology with a minor in education. One of my favorite things to do is go on the boat and just spend time on the water. Being from Charleston I have been doing that my whole life and I love it! I also like hiking in the mountains. I grew up going to camp in Hendersonville, NC and we did a lot of hiking and other fun mountain things! Random fact about myself, I am the pickiest eater ever. I grew up here, but hate seafood and spicy food. People tell me I am not a good southerner!

Why I want to teach

I have always LOVED kids! I have known I've wanted to teach for a long time because I want to do something with children. I was that weird kid who ran around the neighborhood and played with all the little kids. I have worked at multiple camps over the years and loved working with kids. I want to have an impact on the beginning of their lives and their educational experience.