ELL Weekly Update

Aug. 30, 2019--"Together we achieve more than alone"

Program Updates and Information

School year 2019-20 has officially begun, and the ELL team has hit the ground running! Here are some updates for you:

  • ELL Office--Summer and I have been climbing our steep learning curve on ELL identification and placement procedures 2.0. A lot has changed in just 4 years! We are working with secretaries, registrars and our colleagues in assessment to unearth and investigate each Home Language Survey, get students into TIDE, and communicate with the team. Continue to keep emails, phone calls and texts coming! 360-389-7388. Other work I have been engaged in at the start of the year: (1) completing and submitting TBIP and Title III grants, (2) providing PD for psychologists on the ELL Critical Data Matrix and for Cordata staff on the equity stance of being a "Warm Demander."
  • MAP Assessments: Opportunities for Inclusion--Like last year, the reading and math MAP assessments (which are regularly given in middle school) are available for use at the high schools as well. New this year--we have free access to these same assessments in Spanish which could help us determine math skill levels for newcomers and literacy levels in students' home language. More details on this to come...

Requests for Action!

ELPA Screening

  1. Please complete the ELPA Screener and TIDE TA Trainings if you have not done so already. (We are having difficulty accessing the lists of people who have completed these, so forgive me if this reminder is unnecessary.
  2. Please complete the ELPA Screener testing prioritizing students in order of Home Language Survey date. We are legally required to identify students for program placement within 10 school days of their arrival, so we need to test students first who arrived first.
  3. Please email Summer each time you complete the ELPA Screener so she knows which tests are complete. She will check ORS daily for test score results.

ELL Fall Retreat Sept. 6

  1. Please arrange for a substitute if you need one on Friday Sept. 6 in order to attend the ELL Fall Retreat. (location still TBD) The sub. code will be the same as last year. Contact Summer or me if you need the code.
  2. Please email me before 8:00 AM Wednesday (9-4-19) with agenda ideas if you have them. We plan to talked about (1) entry plan meeting themes (2) how we will access and share information as a team (share point and OneNote) (3) expectations for sharing information with school staff, (4) update on the ELL Critical Data Matrix.

Initial ELL Communications with School Staff

  1. If you haven't done so already, by Wed. 9-4-19, please send out an email communication to the staff at your schools introducing yourself and sharing the initial list of ELL students. If you'd like help creating this message, let me know and I can send you some excellent templates that other team members have created.

Get me on speed dial! (Does speed dial still exist?)

Please email, call or text with questions, concerns, ideas, and pictures with good news stories from the field. :) (Pictured here are my husband Chris and cat-child Bruce. They never hesitate to reach out when they need to. Especially Bruce--he reaches out for FOOD every chance he gets... Be like them and be in touch.)