Career Flyer

By: Daven McClellan

My Career

I have chosen a work-from-home career. The company is Revelations Studios and I will be working as a 3D character modeler for a Sci-Fi/Horror video game. The average salary would be approx. $68,000 yearly. The company is in Philadelphia but I don't have to live near them.

Where I'll Be Living

Since I can choose where I want to live, I chose a place where it would be cold, and there would be a large city so I will always have things to do, and so I can have good internet. So I chose Olympia, Washington. I chose Olympia because it is a large city but not as massive or congested as Seattle.

Coordinates: 47 Degrees North, 122 Degrees West

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Intriguing Characteristics

Olympia is home to many intriguing things such as the State Capitol Building (Above)

Five Place of Interest

There are plenty places of interest in Olympia. Such as Tolmie State Park, Washington State Capital Museum, The Olympic Flight Museum, Percival Landing, and the Matter! Gallery.

Conclusion: Can I Survive?

After student loan payments, car payments, utilities, gas, food, internet, phone payments, haircuts, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, I will still have about $2000 left from the approx. $5000 that I make monthly.