Are christan views

What we know and hate about the muslims and jews

There religon is not like are's which makes them not on our side the muslims took the holy city the jewish have stupid blelfis,and yes i ask you a question that i will answer can any good be drawn from the hate and intolerance of the crusaders? Do Are christan views matter?

How are christan views matter

Are christan views matter becuse we belive that are religon is strong and is true we would not just fight to fight we fight in the name of god most come for salvation some do come for the reward of money or land yes are hate makes us stronger but we always try.

Some of the important people involved

Why they hated and were intolerated

The crusades

They hated people becuse they were always at work which means they always new what they were doing and were hating stearing death in there faces all the time made some scared made some fight for more reasons so that is how good was drawn from it and how they were strong in the first cursade and how they took jersulma.