Tired of Using Amateurs?

Think Pi Media!

Who Are We?

Pi Media was conceived by Search Engine, Social Media and Performance Driven Marketing experts who grew tired of agencies' mindless spending, budget gambles and ad dollar wastage. Veterans of the online Performance Industry (Forex, Binary Options, Gaming) and leading in the branding industry, at Pi Media, we want to see your budgets being spent wisely, driving relevant traffic to your e-businesses.

Some of our Awesome Cross Platform Advanteges:

  • Social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Vkontakte and more.
  • Smart Display: Targeting and Retargeting relevant audience on well known platforms such as YouTube, Mako, Ynet, etc.
  • Search Engines: We buy thousands of keywords in each of the leading search enginges (Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Yandex, Baidu and 17 other Tier1 agencies).

Our Powerful Partnerships:

Facebook- Strategic partnership with Facebook (SPMD) which gives us the advantage to raise above all other agencies:

  • All ads are being approved instantly!
  • RTB platform which optimizes the ads every 5 min!
  • Moreover, were 1 out of 2 players that have complete access to Facebook's post API which enables generating posts that are highly engaging.
Google- Business partners of Google, the number 1 leading search engine worldwide. We make sure we stay on top and get the highest quality score.

Perks of Being SPMD:

•Advertising features on FB approximately 6 months before the rest

•Low CPC than any other advertisers

•Access to FB database (Know what works\ doesn’t)

•Ads are being approved instantly and can upload thousands immediately

•We can publish ads that are a little more provocative

•Customizing 1000 ads to a certain user and upload them all at once

•Solves the issues of ad fatigue (AB testing)

•Facebook allows only 3-5 % of the ads to be published, for us everything is being published

•RTB, enables us to put the minimal max bid (the system checks it every 5 minutes).

•Great conversion (High CTR).

5 Unique Ways of Facebook Advertising:

  1. Open Graph: Goes beyond the social graph, uses the user's actions.(Open VS. Social). Targeting users by their actions on FB (action specs). Using the competitor's threat to your own advantages.
  2. Facebook App Advertising: Allows advertising on the user's behalf. Advertising directly to the user, know how to lure him back.
  3. Facebook Exchange: An RTB platform on FaceBook. Allows retargeting within Facebook.
  4. Custom Audiences: Allows targeting of CRM on FaceBook. Personal offers to users.
  5. Lookalike Audiences: Our systems find similar audiences through specific algorithms. Allows targeting users that are similar to the given CRM.

Strengths in Search & Display:

  • Display:

-Allows audience targeting, very accurate.

-Optimizing by performance.

-Access to 98% of the entire display inventory online.

  • Search:

-Hitting all millions of key words and negative key words

-Get high quality score

-pay the least

-conversion- ads are selling!

With Pi Media, Every Ad Dollar Counts!