October FSA Newsletter


Hello again!

Welcome Autumn!

The leaves are falling, the mornings are frosty, and soon enough the snowflakes will be flying! A few quick reminders:

Contact notes are due the Monday before payday by 5pm.

Contact notes also must be in DAP format. If you are having any trouble with writing them, feel free to contact me, I'd love to help!

Also, we NEED to have start and end mileage on all contact notes in order to provide mileage reimbursement.

Montana Sun Safety Video Challange


The Montana Cancer Coalition is challenging high school students to make 60 second videos about the dangers of indoor tanning. You can help by promoting the Video Challenge at your school. It’s a fun project that can help students compete for a chance to win fantastic prizes. Help your students think about tanning for what it is – damaged skin.

I thought this might be a good project for those of you with high school aged clients. Could be a lot of fun for a good cause. Just thought I'd share.