Site & Email Marketing Recap

March 2014

This is a newly designed retrospective format with highlights from March as well as our April calendar & What's Trending.

For more detailed information on March see our March Marketing Calendar Review.

Site Merchandising & Messaging

Top Performing HP Story

Boho (festival) story was the top performer of the month based on click thru rate. We will continue to showcase this story as a target on the HP to anyone coming from a festival or boho search term & will also inject it into our “What’s Trending” strategy.

Mini Experience Results

We tested a more visually rich navigation on the landing pages for Wedding, Swim & Plus Sizes & saw positive results for new & returning customers. Currently testing Dresses, Apartment & Accessories mini experiences.

15% decrease in bounce rate

10% increase in AOV

Email & Direct Messaging

New Programs:

  • Added 6 new browse-triggered campaigns (plus, skirts, intimates, special occasion dresses, party dresses, wedding). After adding these campaigns, we saw an 18% lift in visits and 20% increase in revenue from browse-triggered campaigns.
  • Rolled out top-rated dresses email with confidence messaging to 100% in Welcome flow. Result: Sending that email converted 26% more nonbuyers to buyers.
  • Started daily push on 3/25 for iOS only (Android still in testing). Saw only a 4% increase in push traffic to the app. Deep dive coming soon!


  • TellApart product recommendations (individualized recommendations for each customer). So far, we have seen a 10% lift in CTR across triggered emails. We have seen tracking issues across newsletters and some bugs were discovered in the TellApart logic that may have impacted conversion so we will be extending the pilot until April, testing on triggered emails as well as the Weekly Wow.

April Marketing

Marketing Stories:

  • Most Loved Dresses
  • Fruits
  • MadMen (MidCentury Fashion)
  • Swim
  • Wedding

Upcoming Newsletters:

  • 4/13 - MadMen (MidCentury Fashion) - Are you a Peggy, Joan or Betty?

  • 4/16 - Spring Party Dresses

  • 4/18 - Targeted Plus Brand Roundup featuring: Bettie Page, Effie’s Heart, BB Dakota & Esther Williams

  • 4/19 - Fruits

  • 4/21 - Alternate colorways - bestsellers in other colorways

  • 4/25 - Swim

  • 4/27 - Mother’s Day w/shipping urgency

  • 4/30 - Back by Demand

  • 5/3 - Spring Dresses by Color