Knotty pine plywood

Weathered Knotty Pine Paneling Doesn't Actually Need to be Weathered

Knotty pine paneling is a popular way to add character to your home. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your old one to add value, weathered knotty pine paneling is in great demand. However, using older wood presents structural problems for during initial construction and potential health problems later on. The Woodworker’s Shoppe has beautiful knotty pine paneling that looks weathered without the age. Read more about the various options that you can choose from when seeking a charming weathered home look, without all of the hassle and upkeep.

Why Using Old Wood is Dangerous and Inconvenient

During the initial construction phases, older wood is just not as a structurally sound as using new cuts of paneling. This is due to obvious factors such as age and exposure to the elements. The weatherization process happens when elements such as sun, rain, and wind actually weaken the fibers in the wood. Nowadays, we have stains and sealants to prevent wood from rotting in the same way that older homes used to. Oftentimes, you will have to pull nails or screws out of older paneling too, if they were pulled off a decaying home. Insects may have found their way into the paneling, and those present health hazards to home occupants. At the very least, old paneling gives off an unattractive smell that may not be suitable to be living in. While this weathered knotty pine paneling look is very attractive and may suit some smaller projects or crafts, it is not a reliable way to start off a new home.

In the latter stages of construction, fixtures need to be added such as electricity and plumbing. This is not easy to do, as you will want to keep the boards as intact as possible to prevent further weakening. Older paneling must be maintained carefully and monitored for any cracking. Finally, finding a large amount of viable older paneling is extremely difficult; most old houses only have a few pieces that can be used, so you will have to search through a few homes to find enough. This is a time consuming step of your home building process. All of these reasons are why older pine paneling is not wise to use, but that does not mean you cannot find that weathered look elsewhere.

Using New Knotty Pine Paneling to Achieve a Weathered Look

The first priority of creating a home is to make it safe. That is why choosing new pine paneling is the best option for all areas that need to be solid. If you are investing money into building a new home, you will want to get the longest life for the money that you put in, and this is only possible with new paneling. If you are redoing the walls to add value to your home, you will also want to be making the home more appealing to potential buyers in the future. The Woodworker’s Shoppe has new knotty pine paneling that is durable, safe, and reliable. Their end matching technique allows for tongues and grooves to be cut into the sides of each board, locking them tight together to prevent excess airflow or wasted space. End matching also prevents wasted product, as exact measurements can be taken and each board fits together perfectly. Knotty pine paneling is known to occasionally move as it ages, but luckily the tongues are cut slightly smaller than the size of the grooves, which allows for the boards to naturally expand and shrink.

Choose a Stain

To achieve the weathered look, a stain is the best alternative. Some people advocate weatherizing your boards in do-it-yourself projects or using other substances, but those processes still end up weakening the paneling. Again, smaller projects or crafts will greatly benefit from those techniques, but for your interior walls you will want to use a stain. Using the Woodworker’s Shoppe knotty unfinished pine paneling, you have the opportunity to choose your own stain color. There are many different stains on the market today that are able to give the wood a dark, weathered coat. The Woodworker’s Shoppe even has barnwood paneling with a special, low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) stain that has silver and white undertones. This stain perfectly mimics the look of old barnwood without all of the problems mentioned above.

Make it Easier with Prefinished Paneling

Prefinished knotty pine paneling is available if you are looking to get the walls up as quickly as possible. These can be ordered from the Woodworker’s Shoppe’s online store straight to your home ready to be nailed. Their prefinished paneling has a glassy, lighter professional grade finish available with their essential tongue and groove end matching.

If you have any questions about the stains or prefinished paneling that they have to offer, the Woodworker’s Shoppe’s customer service team is happy to answer any questions to get your project on its way.