Mrs. Johnson's Kindergarten News

October 17th - October 21st

It was a perfect day for a field trip to Seward Farms!

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For many of us, it was our first time to ride a school bus!

The Cow Train... What a bumpy ride!

The Giant Slide....Weeeeee!

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The Hay Ride was relaxing....

We made great memories on our first field trip!

Thanks to Capt. Dwight Smith with the MFD for coming to teach us about fire safety!

What We're Learning this Week:

NOTICE: Many skills and concepts will continue to be covered consistently and built upon throughout the school year.

  1. Math: Calendar Math, counting, writing numbers, using ten frames to explore numbers and number relationships through 10, reading and creating a graph, reviewing 2 and 3 dimensional shapes, composing and decomposing numbers to 10, and beginning to explore the "teen numbers".
  2. Literacy: letter naming, letter discrimination, naming parts of a book, working with rhyming words, working on phonemic awareness and vocabulary and language development, identifying nouns, identifying color words, blending & segmenting CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words with "short a" vowels in the middle, understanding "opposites".
  3. Phonics Dance: "ou" as in "out" & "ow" as in "down" (a.k.a...the "clumsy hunk-n- chunks) Please review: "th" , "ch", "ee", and "oo" as in "hook", "ar", "sh", "ing", "all" & "ay".
  4. Sight Words: in, out, up, down Please review: I, see, can, the, a, am, like, to, me, my, look, at, is, are, was, you, we, he, she, go, have, and, it, here, this, all, play, will. (Please help your child learn to identify these words. Making flash cards is most helpful!)
  5. Handwriting: using the correct pencil grip, correctly forming lower case letters: l, k, y, j on kindergarten handwriting paper, and remembering to “always start at the top”.
  6. Writing: establishing the writing community, listening to and discussing examples of good writing, using labels to give more info. about a picture, and drawing and writing "Bat Facts".
  7. Unit: "Bats" & "Pumpkins"

Just a Few Notes...

  • THANK YOU to all the parents who went with us to Seward Farms. It was a wonderful day! A special thanks goes Dylan's dad, James Wink, for generously sharing the wonderful field trip photos!
  • BOX TOPS are due by WEDNESDAY!
  • SCHOOL PICTURES: THURSDAY! All students will wear their uniforms.
  • PEP RALLY: Friday... Be sure to wear your Bullpup jerseys or Baby Bulldog cheer uniforms to show your school spirit!
  • HALLOWEEN PARTY: Monday, Oct. 31st at 11:00. (NO costumes, please.)
  • LOWER SCHOOL-WIDE PARENT CONFERENCES are Wednesday, November 2nd. (Students will NOT attend school that day!) If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.