Viva La Vulva

Live Vulva Casting on Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies

Do you recognize your own vagina?

Emma Buggy casts the vulva's of five women for an episode of Embarrassing Bodies, to raise awareness of female sexual health issues and body image

Emma Buggy, a provocative, emerging artist from London will be appearing on Chanel 4's Embarrassing Bodies, showcasing a series of life casts which expose the variety of shapes and sizes found among women's vulva's.

Embarrassing Bodies will carry out a range of medical and scientific investigations to raise awareness of sexual health issues on the female body in an item which will be exploring problems that can affect women’s vagina's This is an area few people talk about and as a result women often go un diagnosed for years. Emma's castings will be used to explain what’s normal and what to watch out for as a group of women are cast on camera and talk to Dr Pixie about the variety of labia sizes, cervical cancer and the importance of smear tests, as well as other sexual health issues relating to the female genitalia.

Want to get your vulva cast by Emma? please email her at: for a price list and general casting information

Vulva Casting, Viewing on Channel 4

Tuesday, May 21st, 8-9pm

This is an online event.

My apologies for the confusion about date. Maverik TV have changed the viewing date of the episode on women's sexual health from 14th May to 21st May.

Watch from home on Channel 4, 8pm or via the Channel 4 Website

For more information please contact Emma at: