First Grade Weekly Update

December 11, 2015 - December 18,2015


This week in reading we continued our work on story elements. The students are working hard at identifying main characters, setting, plot and resolution. We have been reading variations of familiar tales and talking about point of view. Our unit will conclude after the winter break with retelling stories, author's purpose, and identifying important details from stories.


In math class we concluded our unit on addition and subtraction within 20 this week. We will start our next unit on shapes and fractions after winter break. The next unit is learning two dimensional and three dimensional shapes and their qualities. For fractions, students will learn half, thirds, and fourths. Please consider trying IXL math at home over winter break. The lessons that go with this unit include I.1, I.2, I.3, I.5, I.6, I.7, I.8 I.9, I.12

Winter Break December 19- January 3

Music Concert Wednesday, December 16 @ Jefferson Jr. High @ 6:30

Spelling and Phonics

Please continue to practice weekly spelling words with your child each day. The practice at home carries through into our classroom. We are currently working on endings-ank, unk, ink,onk. The children are really beginning to understand letters, sounds, and forming sentences.