South Florida Rocklands

Andres Luzunaris, Frank Diaz


South Florida Rocklands form on limestone outcroppings and have very thin soil. The higher elevation separating them from different habitats like forests and marshes. On a map, there seems to be only a few Florida rocklands left down my Miami and completely by Key West. If you want more information on the South Florida Rocklands, then, lets begin reading.

South Florida Rocklands

The Rocklands are a tropical or subtropical area near the bottom of Florida. There are 176 species of birds and 36 mammal species. The only place you can find these rocklands are in Florida.

Human impacts

Habitats are rapidly shrinking from urban development, many earlier hammocks and pinelands cleared by logging or for agriculture, exotic plants such as Brazilian pepper are major threats, exotic tropical vertebrates increasing rapidly and spreading geographically. Many habitats near the border of Florida disappear because of human construction of houses, buildings, and other HUMAN needs.

Endangered predator

The Florida panther is an endangered animal that lives in Florida. They can be found, barely, in forests and swamps in south Florida. Its scientific name is Puma concolor coryi, its higher classification is Cougar and its rank is subspecies.