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What is Coding and Programming and WHY is it important?

The Hour of Code 2014 - WORLDWIDE
"Code Stars" - Short Film

What is Computer Coding-for Students

Coding for Kids 1: What is Computer Coding?

Learning about Computer Programming Languages

How to choose your first programming language is a challenge. There are so many languages. Where do you begin? How do you pick the best programming language for your needs?

There are at least three types of programming languages:

  • Image or Picture Languages — these languages teach computer science and programming concepts through the manipulation of images. Turtle Art is a great example.
  • Block or Bubble Languages — these languages use blocks and sometimes actual code to perform tasks, for example, spinning an image or making an image follow a specified route. Scratch, Tynker, and several other languages are examples. These languages bridge the gap between picture languages and traditional languages.
  • “Real” Programming Languages — these languages are what adults think of as programming languages. Often obscure and inscrutable at times, programming languages can be learned step by step as people learn how to perform tasks and create applications. Python, PHP, Erlang, JavaScript, and perhaps thousands of other languages fit into this category.