Massachusetts 54th

A look at the Massachusetts 54th all African American Unit

who were the Massachusetts 54th

54th Massachusetts is a Volunteer Infantry. The regiment was authorized in March 1863 by the Governor of Massachusetts, John A. Andrew. Commanded by Colonel Robert Gould Shaw.

training the Massachusetts 54th

They where trained by an Irish man that was very harsh. they had to learn how to march. they also had to learn how to reload a gun and shoot and hit a glass bottle

Facing discrimination

when they marched in to Boston, there one person who said ," I would rather have a hog. The hog will have a purpose, we can eat it."

Their Arrival In South Carolina

One person said that it was very hot. There was men cheering for Sargent Rawlins, Because he got promoted to Sargent Major.

Their 1st Assignment in South Carolina

They went to this town and burnt the town down a took some supply's