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Tustin Ranch Elementary

A Message from Mrs. Denny

May 18, 2023

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch (Tustin Ranch)...

I want to start by thanking everyone for making our teachers feel appreciated and loved during teacher appreciation week!! Thank you to everyone who donated snacks, brought flowers, and helped our Cool Coyotes show gratitude to their teachers! It was a wonderful week!

This week is mental health week! Our school counselor and mental health specialist have done a wonderful job creating fun activities for our students throughout the week.

Our TRE spirit wear for next year is ready for preorder. The order will close on July 7th. Click here to order an item. Items will be delivered to your home before school starts.

The attendance challenge is off and running (pun intended)! Race to the Finish Line - An Attendance Challenge has been in place for two weeks now. Classes will be able to move toward the finish according to the percentage of students present: 99-100% present moves a class 5 spaces, 97-98% present moves a class 4 spaces, 95-96% moves 3 spaces, etc. (excused absences are not counted against the class total). The winner gets a pizza and popsicle party with Mrs. Denny.

Enrollment for all new students for the 2023-2024 school year has begun. If you are already a student at our school you do not need to reregister. If you have a 5th grader your child will automatically be matriculated into their homeschool for 6th grade. If you are a transfer from outside our district you will need to get a release from your home school district each year. If you have further questions please call the office.

If you know anyone new to your neighborhood or with an incoming kindergartener please have them call us (714)730-7580. We have added a virtual school tour to our Tustin Ranch website.

Early Student Release: Please try not to schedule doctor and dentist appointments during school hours. We realize that this is not always possible. If you must pick up your child during school hours, please do so during these times:

8:45-11:50 AM

1:15 - 2:15 PM

Students will not be released during their lunch.

Please plan ahead and if you must leave early do it before or after lunch.

1st-3rd lunch: 11:55-12:40

4th-5th lunch:12:25-1:10

Please see our Tustin Ranch Cellphone Policy below. This is the same policy as Pioneer Middle School.

Emails and phone messages: Please note that our staff will return emails and phone messages within 24 hours of receiving the message, during school hours, or the following workday after a weekend.

Mrs. Denny

Proud TRE Principal

Mental Health Week

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My Lifeskills of the Month

This month we will be honoring one student per class with the Cool Coyote award. This student is someone that encompasses all of the life skills and is always kind, safe, and responsible!

Upcoming Important Dates

May 19: Wear Green Day & Laps with Loved Ones 7:30 AM

May 19th: Minimum Day

May 25: PTA General Meeting - Please join us at 8:20!

May 26: Final Friday Flag Ceremony

May 29: No School

June 2: Last Day of School/5th Grade Promotion/Hawaiian Spirit Wear Day/Minimum Day

5th Grade Corner

5th Grade Picnic: Our 5th-grade celebration parent team is working on creating a fun 5th-grade picnic for our students on June 1st. More details to follow.

Promotion will be held in the quad area in front of the multi on June 2nd from 10:30-11:30. Each student may have up to 4 guests attend the promotion. Seating will be by lottery. We will also live stream the event.

Parents will need to line up at the gates. Once students have been seated then we will let guests in through the gates to join their 5th grader. The office staff will be at the gate with a parent sign-in sheet and a student sign-out sheet if you would like to take your child home after the promotion.

PTA Corner

Art Masters: We are all done with our Art master’s for 2023. Please consider signing up to co-chair next year’s Art Master’s program. Next year (2023-2024) will be Mrs. Ellie Ng’s final year here at TRE. She is looking for someone to co-chair Art master’s with her next year. Please let the PTA know, if you are interested.

Cool Coyote Store: Our 1st-5th graders have been LOVING shopping at the Cool Coyote Store this semester and it's time to release the Spring semester dates! The Cool Coyote Store is open on Friday's at lunch by the Snack Tree.

The 2023 Cool Coyote Store dates will be as follows:

May 19

May 26
Parents, help our students spend their Cool Coyotes by running the 'store' via our rolling kiosk by the snack tree facing their lunch tables. If you have never done this before, it is a fun & great way to 'surprise' your child while interacting with other TRE Parents. Fridays during their lunch 12pm - 1:15pm.
Sign up to volunteer here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0b4caaa92ca13-cool

Contribution Opportunities

- Our neighborhood Ralphs also donates back to our school through their Kroger program.

- Every little bit counts so be sure to sign up and mention TRE


So do we! Join, follow and like our Facebook Page. Frequent updates, events and news is also shared on the page: Tustin Ranch Elementary PTA

Post your photos and engage with our TRE community. We want to see you on there too.

Please Join the PTA: We are always looking for participants to join us as we prepare for more fun events at TRE. Want to be part of the PTA? Don’t have time to be on-campus? You too can help us from afar. There are plenty of opportunities to be involved without being on campus. Email us at: trepta@gmail.com

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May is Mental Health Month

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Tustin Ranch & Pioneer Middle School Cell Phone Policy

CELL PHONES/SMART DEVICES: To ensure student safety and exposure to unmonitored internet contact directly, or through friends, cell/smartphone use is not allowed on school campus by students (including field trips). Cell phones and smartphones that must be stored in the owner’s backpack and powered “off” during the entire school day. Students are not permitted to keep their cell/smartphone in their pockets or desks, or otherwise “on their person” while at school. Smart devices such as watches are not to be used during school in any capacity that mimics a cell or smartphone.

Use of a watch or activity tracker is permissible. If students violate the cell phone policy or are found to have a smart device in their possession that is not stored and in the ’off’ position, it will be confiscated and held until a parent or guardian can pick it up.

Tustin Ranch is not responsible for items that have gone missing during school. While we are sympathetic to items that are missing please remember that it is our endeavor to focus as much time as possible on refining our programs and instruction to maximize student achievement, and time taken to look for these items hinders these efforts. A licensed physician and surgeon may direct a student to use an electronic signaling device if carrying such a device is essential for the health of the student. Use of the device by the student is limited specifically to the health of that student.

If a student needs to call their parents they may call from the school office or classroom.

If a parent needs to give their child a message they may call the front office at (714)730-7580. We will be sure the student receives the message.

Tustin Ranch Dress Code

Education Law does allow public schools to establish a dress code.

Student Dress Codes are established to:

● Promote a climate and culture where scholar focus is on learning

● Promote a productive safe instructional environment

While society reflects a wide range of personal expression in clothing, grooming, and accessories, the quality of scholar work and behavior is affected by personal appearance. Scholars are expected to wear clothing that is clean, neat, appropriate, and safe.

TUSD Dress Code:

To eliminate misinterpretations of the dress code, the following dress standards shall be enforced:


· No tight/revealing shirts (workout tops, undergarments showing, see-through, low-cut, etc.)

· Undergarments must not be visible (including sports bras)

· No bare midriff/crop tops (If skin shows when arms are raised the top is too short.)

· No spaghetti straps, bare shoulders, or shirts with less than one-inch straps

· No halter or swimwear tops

· No tube tops

· No “underwear” style tank tops

· No shirts with oversize armholes showing torso area

No hood from hoodies worn at school unless it is raining


· No short-shorts or micro-mini skirts (minimum 5” inseam)

· No excessively loose or baggy pants/shorts

· Pants/shorts must be worn at the waistline

· Hems must be sewn; no frayed, split, or pinned legs

· Pants may not drag on the ground, or have rips or holes.

· Pants/shorts may not allow undergarments to be exposed

· No excessively long, untied, or dangling belts

· Overall straps must be worn over the shoulders and buttoned


· Footwear which is safe for school activities must be worn at all times

· Footwear must be closed toe and closed back

Dangerous Jewelry/Objects

· No chains, or sharp dangly earrings

· No dagger style ear plugs

· No riveted dog collars or raised rings

· No chains for wallets or on masks

· No laser light pens (Scholars shall be cited as per Penal Code Sections 417.25 and 417.27.)

Other Inappropriate Attire

Clothing, apparel, and jewelry shall be free of writing, pictures, or any other insignia that is crude, vulgar, profane, demeaning, sexually suggestive, or which advocates or promotes racial, ethnic, religious, sexual prejudice or strife, or which relates to the use of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol.

· No sex/sexual comments/innuendoes

· No drugs or references to drugs (blunt, 13, hemp, marijuana leaf, 4:20, etc.)

· No tobacco product names or trademarks

· No liquor products or bar names or trademarks/logos

· No depicting a person engaged in illegal activities (tagging, weapons, etc.)

· No hats/caps/hoods indoors, and must follow the guidelines above.

· No visible tattoos

*No hats/caps/hoods worn in the classroom. No hoods unless raining.

*Teachers and staff may have students remove or put away non- essentials items (ie: hats, jewelry, personal items, accessories, etc.) either in or out of the classroom if they are causing a disruption or are distracting other students.

*Please label all water bottles, lunch boxes, jackets, and removable clothing items with your child’s name. These items are commonly left on the playground, and as we do our best to return labeled items to the proper owner, unlabeled items will be placed in the Lost & Found located outside the Multi-Purpose Room.