Advertising Unit & Media Literacy

Sixth Grade

Library Lesson Agenda

***Background on types of advertising techniques present in print and digital media ads.

***Introduce mystery product advertising video partner project.

***Choose mystery product and partners.

***Begin research with partner on product background.

What are some types of advertising techniques?

Read the attached flier below for ideas of how advertising companies are trying to get viewers "hooked" on their products. These are all ways that ad companies try to get their viewers or target audience prepared to buy or subscribe to what they are selling.

Next, pick up and look through the eleven fliers that are located on the tables and try to match up the types of advertising techniques that are demonstrated from these print ads.

So many products.....what will your's be?

Advertising Mystery Product Partner Project Video Overview

We will be choosing both a partner and a product from the "Mystery Bag" in today's class. The TARGET of this project will be to help us focus in on how to persuade or market a product for a specific audience. You will need to look for and collect information on your product to help you better create a well informed visual commercial. The commercial will be about 30 seconds and will be in a video format.
Big picture

What do you need to research for this project?

Start a Word document and collect information about the following questions:

**Who is the target audience for your mystery product?

**Who manufactures your mystery product?

**What types, varieties, scents or colors does your product come in?

**What is the price point?

**Where can your product be purchased?

****When you have collected all of this information, you need to respond to the Edmodo post on Mrs. McCluney's page and turn in what you have found.