It's A Girl's Night Out!!

An Origami Owl Party with Ixchel Musurlian

Come Join the Fun!!

Thursday, April 24th, 6pm

7911 E San Luis Dr

Orange, CA

Take a Break and Create Your Story Through Jewelry

Do you have a special woman in your life you would like to honor? Or maybe you'd like a little keepsake of an accomplishment that *you* have reached. Whoever the person, whatever their story, we can help you get it into a memorable locket that will be cherished forever. Read on to learn more about the great event that's in store!!
You're INVITED to an O2 Jewelry Bar

Meet Sarah Grack

I started my business in February of 2013 with this incredible company that was started in Arizona by a 14 year old girl with dreams of buying a jeep! Two years later, we are a $250 million company with thousands and thousands of people sharing their love with our customizable lockets made JUST for them!

I look forward to sharing the love with you!