The Grassy Knoll

2 Shooters


There was a second shooter, James Files, hiding behind the grassy knoll where Kennedy was shot.

The Strange Man

Here is a picture of a man walking away form the grassy knoll after the Kennedy assassination. It is hard to see but it is obvious somebody is there. One arm is seems as if it is in his pocket, with a bent position, the other arm seems stretched out as if he is holding something.

Skull Fragments

The day after the assassination, a bit of bone was found where just after the car where Kennedy was shot. This shows that he could not have been killed from behind because the skull fragment could not have gone that direction.

After the Shot

After the shooting, a picture was taken of the grassy knoll at least 30 seconds or more, nobody was running up to check it out. This shows that James Files did have enough time to pack up, reverse his jacket, and walk away unnoticed.


It is suspected that in this picture is a puff of smoke coming from the grassy knoll. This puff could have possibly been from a gun shot, the same shot that killed Kennedy.

Against the Theory

With these pictures being the only evidence, some people are saying now days that they have been altered from the original photo to make it look like something is there.