Book summary.

Carter, Jane, Benjamin(Buzz), Vanessa, Dexter, and Joe. The family needs to learn to get along because the kids don’t like each other but when they're stuck on a boat together they have no choice. The conflict is they get into a huge storm and they get stranded on an island. Its external because they all in the problem together. Dex and Joe drift off in the ocean while the storm is going on and they leave the kids to survive by themselves. The kids end up crashing into a stranded island not knowing where they are. They're trying to survive off the food that they have left. But they don’t have any water. They go on a look for water but aren’t lucky. They try everything they can to survive this tough time. A theme in this book is Sometimes teamwork doesn’t work out. When Jane and Carter went on a search for water they didn’t find anything. When the police try to look for the kids, they can’t find them. Also, when Dex and Joe try to get the kids on the raft, it doesn’t work out.

Book recommendation

I recommend this book to people who like books about mystery and people who like to read series of books.