Hero or Villain

President Andrew Jackson

Dose it matter?

Of course, the simple-minded man would say "yes, it dose matter," but I think that you misunderstand the real threat that is among us...Federalists! You thought that those rich, greedy, "well educated" fools were no longer a threat, didn't you? WRONG! They are still among us, threatening our country as we speak.

Our Threats

What We Can Do...

We can support Andrew Jackson in his fight against the upper-class and therefore the Federalists. Even if he has made some questionable decisions in his career, but he is better than Alexander Hamilton and his crowd, plus he is willing to fight against the upper-class. In this sense, Andrew Jackson could be the greatest president that we have ever had.
-Billy Bob Flyer


Please know that I do not mean to antagonize Federalists, nor do I have anything against them. This was merely a class project, nothing more.