Helen Edwards Friday Focus

December 11, 2015

Spreading Christmas Cheer and Celebrations

Along with all the Christmas joy and cheer we will be spreading next week, there is also a very special celebration that we want to recognize. Our very own Mrs. Lucy has not only been honored with the Employee of the Year award, AND the Employee of the Region award, but I just found out earlier today, that she has also earned the rare and distinguished honor of the SSC Company Award! THIS IS HUGE!!! So, to recognize her amazing accomplishments and to give back to her all the she had done for our campus, we want to shower her on Monday with a"Hallway Parade" around 10:00 as she makes her way to the office for the big news! At 9:50, I will come on the intercom to give the cue to line your students along the hallway. Try to get them as close to the computer lab, library, kidsville, cafeteria area as possible. At 10:00, we will arrange for her to make her way from the back of the school all the way to the front office where she will walk through the "parade" of praises and cheers! Feel free to have your students make banners and signs to add to the celebration. We will have pizza and cake for the staff in the conference room for lunch!

So, let's kick-off our week of Christmas Cheer and Celebration by giving back to someone who has already given so much to our campus, staff, and students. I will have a box of tissue on hand, as I feel that there will be lots of joyful tears!! Oh....and one other thing!!! THIS IS A SECRET!!!! SHE HAS NO IDEA!!!!

~Upcoming Events~

Mark Your Calendar

December 11: Adopt-A-Kid

December 14: Pictures with Santa for Kinder

December 15: Bowers will be out, Pictures with Santa for Pre-K/HS & Christmas Performance @ 6:00 Jr. High (Trollinger & Willis' Pod)

December 16: Pre-K/HS Stat-Chat, Nutcracker Performance @ 1:15

December 17: Christmas Performance @ 6:00 Jr. High (Marcellus & Hawkins Pod)

December 18: Winter Parties

December Birthdays

December 2: Krystal Lamb

December 3: Brooke Hayford

December 4: Sherri Martin

December 5: Kristy Sisson

December 7: Michele Cook

December 10: Kristin Willis

December 13: Mary Torres

December 13: Lucy Hernandez

December 21: Melanie Bowers

December 21: Janie Hardie

December 23: Wendy Dawson

December 27: Sarah Blackmon

Pledge for the Week of January 5-8......Mrs. Turner's Class

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