K-12 mLearning Tools

Mobile Apps That Will Enhance The Classroom Experience


Raz-Kids is a website and app that allows students to read or listen to over 400 books. There is also comprehension quizzes that can be done at the end of a book. Students create an account and both the teacher and parents have access to account and can monitor the child's progress.

Using Raz-Kids in the classroom: The teacher could set up Raz-Kids, as a center or the students could use Raz-Kids as their nightly home reading instead off taking books back and forth from school.

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Sushi Monster

Adding and multiplying just become fun with Sushi Monster! This mobile app is a math game for students. Students solve a bunch of adding and multiplication questions, if correct the Sushi gets fed to the Sushi monster. The faster they go the higher their score.

Sushi Monster in the classroom: Teachers could have students play the game to practice basic facts as a fun alternative worksheets. Students are able to practice and reinforce their basic facts and improve their confidence and fluency.


Tynker is a app that build student's skills in computational thinking and programming in a fun interactive way. It builds the foundation of computer coding.

Tynker in the classroom: Set up time and space for students to work together to explore the program. Using Tynker, students build a robot and then us a 3D printer to bring their creation to life.

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FreshGrade, a free website and app that connects parents, students and teachers! This ePortfolio app allows parents to follow their child's progress. Both teachers and parents can send messages back and forth and make comments.

FreshGrade in the classroom: Teachers can set it up in their classroom to open up communication with parents and provide them with some insight into their child's day. Teachers can use the app to send reminders for parents and students about what is happening in class. Teachers and students can share what they are achieving in class without having to bring everything home.


Mathletics is a website and mobile app that allows students from K-12 to build skills through activities that follow the provincial curriculum. Students can compete with other students from around the world by doing basic fact races. Teachers can track the progress of their students as well as modify student learning.

Mathletics in the classroom: Teachers could set away time for students to practice their skills after learning a new topic to see how well they understand it. Teachers can also tell their students to achieve certain number of tasks.

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Have fun exploring these mLearning apps! They are easy ways to integrate technology into the classroom to help enhance the learning and development of students.