King Arthur

What I Found About King Arhtur

The Story

King Arthur is the first born son of Uther Pendragon. Uther Pendragon did not know he had a son( King Arthur), because his son lived in the village, while the King Uther Pendragon lived in his castle. Besides, I never knew that King Arthur had a best friend named Sir Lancelot and that, King Arthur's dad did not know he had a son, but ironically his son became the new king. All this happened in the 5th or 6th century when King Arthur pulled the sword out of the andvill. All of this happened in England, so that would me he was the king of England. Except, the legend of King Arthur was not real( Unfortunately). The legend of King Arthur was very popular when it first started to be told, but yet there are still people that still listen to the story or dress up as him. The reason why people still do that stuff is because some people half the passion for mythological stuff like King Arthur is mythological stuff. One of the authors that I found is Thomas Malory wrote the book King Arthur. The book was first published in 1485, but it was not very popular until Alfred Tennyson published his book, Idylls of the King . About half of the 1800’s he is telling his story, Camelot in a form of an epic poem. In the books there was also a rebellion against him. All this started when different kings did not want a fifth teen year old to be a king. So the other kings rebelled( hated ) King Arthur.

The Author

Now, I am not talking about King Arthur, I am talking about one of the authors of the book. The author that I am talking about is Thomas Mallory. ( there is a difference in spelling them both) Thomas Mallory was born on 1405, and he died on March 14th, 1471. Thomas Mallory also has a quote he would say and it is "Whoso pullet out this sword of this stone and anvil, is right wise king born of all of England." Thomas Mallory also spent 20 years in and out of prison, most other writer show that he was conflicted with the law.(conflicted means mess with) Most writer would not do this kind of thing, even in 1471. He actually started writing the book "King Arthur" after he was done serving time.

My Interest

I bet you are wondering what brought me to this topic. (probably not) Well, I thought if I either did bionics or Mosquito Syndrome it would be too easy. I also thought it would be a great idea to do king Arthur when i first heard Mrs. Ragsdale say "King Arthur". I also very interested in researching King Arthur and learning about him. I did not know a lot of the stuff before I research this. Now I do know this stuff and it makes king Arthur even more fascinating than I thought before. In this sight it was very helpful because it tells it like it is, the story of king Arthur is a myth. For instance it has links in order that the story was told.


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