National American Teddy Bear Day

November 14

Calling all people who have ever hugged a teddy bear! Show them that you care!

Here is how you can celebrate.

-Spend the day with your bear...It'll make his day

-Eat a cake in honor of it...Yum

-Give Teddy Bear gifts to your friends...They want one too

-Send cards to your friends...Happy National American Teddy Bear

Haven't hugged a Teddy Bear? There's a first time for everything! Give it a try.

Teddy Bears Deserve a Bigger Holiday

On November 14, 1902, a rumor was spread that Theodore Roosevelt ( Teddy Roosevelt) refused to shoot a bear while he was hunting. Later on an article was written about this event and was inspired to make a stuffed bear toy and he named it Teddy's Bear in honor of Teddy Roosevelt for being kind to the bear. This holiday is a way to celebrate the making and naming of the teddy bear. Teddy Bears are such a popular old fashion gift, and this day can remind the world of the non-electronic toy that is still a favorite. Hugging relieves stress and makes people feel happier. That is definitely a reason to celebrate! Finally, people of all ages love Teddy Bears, so let's unite and say...

Happy National American Teddy Bear Day!