By. Matthew Majerus

ISIS is not a Terrorist Group

- Different from al Quade

- Has 30,000 soldiers

- Owns Territory

- Self Funding

What have US has done to stop them?

- Made Organizations

-Drone Strikes and Raids

- ISIS is harder

Why do they Join ISIS

- Mostly Teens

- To find a new Family

- Trying to find their identity, find a connection

Could more of a problem!

- Most people in the world are upset

- Talk about Iran getting nuclear weapons

- ISIS could control the nuclear weapons if they get them

- Around 200,000 will be coming into the US

We need to stop people coming in the US, because it is making us at risk to get attacked in the US. Go to war with ISIS and have everybody that is with us to attacked too. That will include Russia, France and many other countries.