Chemical Evolution Summer Research

a ten week paid experience at chemistry's cutting edge

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Spend your summer immersed in origins of life research

The CCE Summer Undergraduate Research Program provides an exciting opportunity for undergraduate scientists to spend 10 weeks in one of our labs doing cutting edge, paid research in chemical evolution and origins of life chemistry.

Application Details

The deadline to apply is February 15.

Details and the application can be found on the CCE REU website.


The CCE Summer Undergraduate Research Program allows undergraduate scientists to conduct supervised research with a faculty mentor working in the field of chemical evolution and origins of life chemistry. Students are trained in research methods, data analysis, and written/oral communication of their results.
Depending on the specific school and advisor you are interested in, your application will be folded into an existing program at that school. The program to which you are assigned will give you the chance to participate in seminars such as how to choose a graduate program, scientific ethics, and careers in science. You may be asked to present your research in a formal poster session, and approved posters may be published on our program website.

What's required?

  • Be available for the entire duration of the 10 week program, devoting 40 hrs per week to your research.
  • Participate in all seminars, workshops, discussion groups, and activities as scheduled.
  • Participate in all laboratory meetings, journal clubs, safety training and other such activities as requested by your mentor.
  • Update program organizers of future academic developments for program assessment purposes.
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