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This product has been proven to work multiple times and rigorously tested to insure saftey. The materials used to produce such a product can be difficult to obtain and needs to be tested for its potential. Once deemed worthy of being a youth serum. We bottle up its essence and guaranty it to work! Approximately half a month is required to create such a product. We stand by this product proud and know the hard work is worth it.

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Process of why it was created

If we could somehow learn how other creatures recreate some serious organs like the heart and brain we could live longer or even live forever excluding other accidents. If there is a jellyfish that can virtually live forever why can't we find create a substance that helps us do the same thing.

Though it sounds good on paper I also find it rather scary to think we will have less people die in this world that already has a little bit to many people. But this can be the next greatest feat created by man! It won't make us immortal, but it can help extend our life here on earth.

Bring back some of the smartest minds that ever walked the earth could be the greatest step forward for man kind. By bringing them back we can expect them to further advance our technology.

It will be both a curse and a blessing to have this kind of technology, however I still believe having that as an option will still be in our best interest.