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Silver Strand Elementary School January 28, 2019

Spotlights and Reminders: Great Kindness Challenge!

  • Silver Strand will be participating in the Great Kindness Challenge this week; see this link for more information on how you can incorporate kindness activities at home! Student Council is sponsoring a Spirit Week; get your kindness on, Voyagers: MONDAY 1/28 Spirit Day: Kindness Rocks! (Rock ‘n’ Roll inspired); TUESDAY 1/29 Spirit Day: Peace, Love, Hope, & Kindness (groovy 60s/70s tie-dye/peace signs); WEDNESDAY 1/30 Spirit Day: Dreaming of a Kinder World (PJs); THURSDAY 1/31 Spirit Day: Powered by Kindness (Super Hero garb); FRIDAY 2/1 Spirit Day: Strand Kids are Kind! (Silver Strand gear)
  • Welcome to Spring Semester! Our year is officially halfway over! Semester 1 Report Cards were sent home families through your students on Friday.
  • 1st Grade Take Your Parent to Lunch Day is Friday February 1. Please check in at the office prior to 11:35 to join your child at lunch. Please communicate with your child about your plans to attend so our students have clear expectations :).
  • Winter Enrichment Clubs are starting in the next weeks! Click here for calendar and descriptions, and check PeachJar for notices from specific clubs.

  • We are holding our rescheduled Disaster Drill on Thursday at 1:10 PM (rescheduled from last week) including an evacuation to our blacktop area.

  • Our Winter MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing window begins next week and extends into February. Kindergarten and 1st graders test in math only; 2nd through 5th graders also test in Reading and English-Language Arts. Score reports will be provided by teachers after testing is complete. For more information about MAP testing, click here.

  • The Coronado Optimist Club is sponsoring their annual Speech/Oratorical Contest for students of ALL ages on Wednesday, February 27th from 3:30-6:30 on the topic "Is There a Fine Line Between Optimism and Reality?" Please see application materials here.

  • Coronado Unified School District's Nutrition Department is abandoning the use of plastic straws! We are embracing this change, as the wrappers on straws offered with school lunches were difficult for our students to remove and were easily blown away and onto the ground. If your child buys lunch often, please explain this change, which necessitates drinking milk and juice directly from the cartons.

  • This week’s theme is KINDNESS. Let's find ways to practice kindness with ourselves, our family members, peers, animals, and our earth!

Silver Strand Safety and Security Support from Karen Pierro

Safety During Rainy Drop-Off & Pick-Up:

It has been a WET winter, and we have experienced some close calls during busy traffic times. Please take a few moments to review the following safety protocols:

1) Morning Curbside Hosts and our adult safety team will still assist with student drop-off/arrival when it is raining. Please follow the usual protocol and traffic patterns to keep things running smoothly.

2) As always, PLEASE do not drop your children off before 7:55 a.m. since there is not adequate adult supervision.

3) On inclement weather mornings, students will assemble and wait in Strand Hall instead of outside. Teachers will meet them there to escort them to class.

4) Please be patient during rainy day drop-off & pick-up! Give yourself enough time in the a.m. and also designate a meeting spot with your kids for dismissal so they can find you in a safe manner. The roundabout will be more crowded on these rainy days and adults/children will be in a hurry, so safe driving is VERY appreciated.

5) Lastly, ALWAYS USE THE CROSSWALKS when approaching our campus! We all need to model safe behavior for our kids!

As always, THANK YOU for keeping our school SAFE!

Student Council News

  • Student Council is excited to sponsor their next community project: Souper Bowl of Caring! Please bring donations of soup (in boxes, cartons, cans, and bags) through February 1. All items will be donated to a local food bank.
  • In conjunction with the Great Kindness Challenge, Student Council is promoting a week of Spirit Dress Days from January 28 through February 1. See this link or info above for specific dress days.

PTO Updates

  • PTO is hosting a Family "Masquerade" Dance on Friday February 1 from 5:30-7:30, with dinner provided. Donations of juice boxes are requested. 4th and 5th graders may be dropped off with a permission slip and check in and out from parents. Permission slip for 4th and 5th graders is HERE.
  • Next PTO Meeting is February 14.
  • March's Family Fun Night will be a Lip Sync Contest--save the date: March 1!

Voyager Yearbook

Thank you to our parent volunteers who put our yearbook together!

Calendar of Upcoming School Events


MON 1/28 Spirit Day: Kindness Rocks! (Rock ‘n’ Roll inspired)

TUES 1/29 Spirit Day: Peace, Love, Hope, & Kindness (groovy 60s/70s tie- dye/peace signs)

3rd & 5th Grade MAP testing

WED 1/30 Spirit Day: Dreaming of a Kinder World (PJs)

THUR 1/31 LATE START DAY/Disaster Drill

Spirit Day: Powered by Kindness (Super Hero garb)

1:10 PM: Disaster Drill

2:30-3:30 SST Meetings

FRI 2/1 Spirit Day: Strand Kids are Kind! (Silver Strand gear)


10 AM: 2nd Grade MAP Testing

11:35: 1st Grade Take Your Parent to Lunch Day

5:30-7:30 PM: PTO Family Fun Night/Dance


MON 2/4

TUES 2/5 8-9: 5th Grade MAP testing

WED 2/6

THUR 2/7



February 14: PTO Meeting

2/15-2/18: Presidents’ Weekend

2/21: Spring Open House at SSES

Coronado School Foundation Events and Updates

Did you know that the Coronado Schools Foundation supports the Silver Strand Band, Choir, Science Lab, Visual and Performing Arts Programs, Technology Resource Teacher, Library, and academic support teachers? CSF brings STEAM to Silver Strand Elementary!

Coronado’s Got Talent Show, presented by Alan Kinzel Realty Group and Donna Salof, is February 23 at the Coronado Performing Arts Center. All proceeds from ticket sales benefit Coronado Schools Foundation

Support our programs through donations to CSF here:

Mark your calendars for these upcoming events:

Thursday, March 14, 4:30-9PM: CSF Telethon

Coronado SAFE Events and Activities

Coronado SAFE supports healthy families and children through workshops/"coffee talks," school programs, speakers, and counseling.

  • Monday February 11, 6:30-8:30 PM in the CHS Theatre: Presentation on "The Life of Kids Online and What Parents Need to Know"

See for more information and to register for upcoming events.

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