Country Project

By Devon Graham (Greece)

Country Basics

Country name: The name of the country is Greece

The Capitals Of Greece: The capitals in Greece are Sparta and Athens.

What the Greece Flag represents: The blue and white cross symbolizes Greek Orthodoxy, the established religion.

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Location: Greece is in Europe. The content surrounding it are Turkey, Romania, kinda Italy, the sectarian sea, and kinda Austria

Major Land forms: Two land forms are Shipwreck Bay Kos-Volcano

Major Landmarks: Two major landmarks are The Acropolis and Olympia.

Major Bodies of water: The Black Sea, The Red Sea, Caspian Sea, Persian Sea


What type of Government does Greece have?: Their Government is a Parliamentary Republic.

Who is the leader?: They Have a President and his name is Prokopis Pavlopoulos.

How are the leaders chosen?: They vote but kids and slaves can not vote.

The rights, roles, and responsibilities of the citizens?: You can not vote they have slaves but you are aloud to roam freely.


Is your country rich or poor?: The country has 237,59 billion dalliers so it is a rich i think.

What is their main export?: The main export is Bauxite

Greece life expectancy, birth rate, literacy rate, and the drinking water resource.

Life expectancy: 80.63 years Birth Rate: 1.34 per women literacy rate 97.47% the drinking water resource is good.


What do the people usually wear?: Jeans and and a T-shirt or shorts and a T-shirt

Their major language: the people in Greece mainly seek greek

Holidays in Greece: Feast of St Basil, Easter, Labor Day and the feast of flowers, these holidays are just a hand full of holidays in Greece their are many more.

What is the main religion?: The main religion in Greece is Orthodox Catholic.

Popular Food in Greece: They Have Octopuses, Feta and Cheese, Moussaka, and many more in Greece.


General Weather: The general weather in Greece is warm sunny windy kinda cold vary hot

Average Yearly Rain Fall: The average rainfall in Greece is 27% a year

Average yearly temperature: The yearly temperature is 40-100- degrees

What effects the climate has on the country: Not much is usually warm but Greece's land is mostly dead or really dry. So its hard to get to the resources


Olympia is an old historical landmark that the ancient greek used as the Olympics stadium. They did the Olympics every 4 years.

Parthenon is a vary old temple that was under construction but half of it was burnt down. Not much else is know about the temple because it was never finished.

Compare and contrast

Greece has a Parliamentary Republic

Most people in Greece speak Greek

The USA has a Federal Republic

Most people in the USA speak english

Other geography question

The land effects them because it might be a bad place to build in if it has hills or is a swamp or something. They may have to build around it or they may have to go somewhere else to do whatever you are doing.