Las noticias 9/8/2015

What's going on in Spanish class?

Donations for activities

Your student will have the opportunity to participate in two culture activities for Spanish class this school year. The first is decorating sugar skulls in November to celebrate the day of the dead, a celebration of the life of family members and friends that have passed. Many supplies are needed to make this activity happen. The other activity is during our end of the year eighth grade field trip, I bring piñatas full of Mexican and American candy for students to hit and enjoy. I appreciate any support you can give for both of these activities. Spanish students really enjoy these fun cultural experiences. Please feel free to send a check, made out to WMS, or cash with your student. Thank you for your


Homework on Google Classroom

Students have two options to do homework:

  • Option 1
  • Sign in using typical Google username and password ( xx = last two of ID
  • Top right corner click + sign
  • Select join class
  • Type in this code: etlcrh6
  • You’ll see the assigned activities there.
  • Click open
  • Click add
  • Select document
  • After a few seconds you’ll see it created, click it.
  • Fill out your answers in the document  When you finish click turn in


This is a website that has electronic flashcards and memorization games. Once on students can type in sraruizwiley in the search and that will bring up all our material. All they have to do is look through the list for items titled current unit.

Important dates

09/11/15: Progress report period ends (students with any grade below 70% in any class will receive a progress report for all classes).

09/15/15: Progress reports submitted

09/16/15: Early release

10/2/15: End of 6-weeks grading period

10/6/15: Grades submitted

Tutorial times

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings

Wednesday during lunch

Monday and Wednesday afternoon

Future homework

Due Monday 9/14: Activities 18 & 19 (shared on Google)

Due Wednesday 9/15: Activities 24 (shared on Google)

Due Tuesday 9/22: Activity 30 (shared on Google)

Due Wednesday 9/23: Activities 21 & 22 (shared on Google)

Remember: homework will be accepted up to one week late with a deduction of 20 points from the grade earned.

*homework schedule is subject to modification.

How can I help my student with Spanish?

  • Practice flash cards with them.
  • Ask them to see their homework.
  • Ask them to see their stamp sheet that shows what skills they have been able to produce verbally from memory.
  • Review their notes with them.
  • Encourage them to study and come to tutorials.

Retake policy

  • Tests & quizzes only.
  • Earned grade must be below 70% for a maximum retake of 70%.
  • Tutorials before retake are highly encouraged.
  • Must be done within one week of receiving their grade.

Subject pronoun quiz and unit 1.1 test retakes

Wednesday 9/9: before school, lunch, & after school

Friday 9/11: before school

Monday 9/14: before school (hallway by the library) & after school

Wednesday 9/16: before school & lunch

No retakes will be granted after Wednesday 9/16.