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March 31, 2014

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Great video

Kent showed this in PLC, but I wanted to share it with everyone! We really do appreciate everything you do as teachers!
Teaching is...
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March 31 9:45 ARD for ES Watts, Moye, McNutt

March 31 10:45 ARD for SW Watts, Moye, Dankesreiter

March 31 3:45 Walking Club with Jennifer Watts

March 31 6:00 Grades due for posting

April 1 4th Grade STAAR Writing Day 1 & 5th Grade STAAR Math

April 1 Verification sheets due at 3:20

April 2 4th Grade STAAR Writing Day 2 & 5th Grade STAAR Reading

April 2 Report cards go home

April 3 Picture Day

April 3 TELPAS Writing Due

April 4 2nd Grade walking field trip 9-10

April 4 10:00 ARD for HN Watts, Steigleder, Allen

April 4 AR Store

April 4 2:25 Bad weather drill

April 5 9:00 Special Olympics Gainsville

April 7 12:15 ARD for BH Wright, Watts, Ivans, Steigleder

April 7 1:15 ARD for JH Watts, Moye, W. Jonas, Gibson

April 8 Curriculum Planning Day

April 8 3:40 SST Meeting

April 8 RTPE 2nd Grade 8:30, 3rd Grade 10:00, 4th & 5th Grades 1:00

April 9 1:15 ARD for AT Watts, Wendt, Ivans, Dourgarian

April 9 3:40 Staff Meeting

April 10 3:40 Staff Meeting

April 14-17 Camp Grady Spruce

April 14 9:00 ARD for CW Hansbury, Cely, Gibson

April 14 1:15 ARD for HS Moye, Watts, Watson, Gibson

April 15 Curriculum Planning Day

April 18 School Day - was a previously scheduled snow day

April 22 3rd & 4th Grades STAAR Math

April 22 PK Field Trip

April 23 3rd & 4th Grades STAAR Reading and 5th Grade STAAR Science

April 24 1st Grade Field Trip

April 25 End of 3 week progress report period

April 29 Curriculum Planning Day

April 30 Progress Reports go home

May 6 Curriculum Planning Day

May 6-8 PK & Kindergarten Roundup 8:30-3:00

May 8 PK and Kindergarten Roundup 6:00-7:30

May 16 End of 3 week progress report period

May 21 Progress Reports go home

May 22 Fine Arts Day

May 23 Science Fair


May 30 Field Day

June 2 Kindergarten Graduation


We will have a couple of schedule changes for STAAR. On Tuesday and Wednesday, 1st Grade and 4th Grade will trade places for lunch, specials and PE/Music. Also, on Tuesday and Wednesday, 3rd grade and 5th grade will trade places for lunch, specials and PE/Music. We will have Art, Library and computer as usual. I won't need those folks to administer the test. Please don't take students to the playground in the morning. We will have lunch recess as usual as I won't have any students testing in rooms that face the playground by the time students start going out. Please remind your kids to be very quiet in the hallways especially when they are going to Library/Music/PE as we will have students testing in the computer lab, CM room and Mrs. Watt's room.
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Morning Duty

Now that the weather is nice, please be outside near the curb for morning duty. Open car doors and assist students who need help getting out of the car. During Open House, I had several parents stop and comment about minor issues that could be prevented with a person outside. We can get a couple of students to help hold the outside door open for students and parents.

Also, if you have duty at the inside door, make sure that parents are funneled through the office. Remember that all visitors should have a sticker, or they should be sent back to the office.

Check out this STAAR humor! Happy testing! Thanks for shaing this with me Amber!

Frozen Parody for STAAR
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The Rock the STAAR video is on the S drive. Go to the Elementary folder. It's at the bottom as IMG 1804.

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