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AoP Tech's Christmas Gift Guide

by Mr. Aaron Heintz, Technology Integration Coach PreK-12

  • Does your child have a computer at home?

    • Chromebooks are the economical solution for student devices. Look for models priced around $200. With a battery life that outlasts most smartphones, and free Google applications (Drive, Sheets, Slides and Docs) Chromebooks are quickly becoming a powerful educational tool. Some models have upgraded memory, touch screen and multiple screen positions. These are nice, but not necessary features. There is also very little difference between machines. Look for compact models that are solidly built such as the Dell 3180 or check out some of these models.

  • Is your child a builder?

    • If your child is already a fan of playing with Legos, both Lego and littleBits have developed kits that your child can use to construct robots and other inventions. These devices not only target their imagination and desire to construct, but they also introduce them to the world of coding. Lego’s Mindstorm EV3 is robot perfect for middle and high school aged students. littleBits are compatible with Lego bricks, and are suitable for children ages 8 to 108.

  • Are challenges, mazes or Star Wars more their thing?

    • Sphero is a tennis ball sized robots that can spin, rotate and change color. Build mazes, obstacle courses and then see how fast the robot can navigate it. They even work in water! Your children can learn the basics of coding by simply drawing paths for the robot to follow. As their interest and abilities increase, they can move to block coding and eventually JavaScript. Regardless of their age, with Sphero your children are bound to have a ball!

AOPTech wishes children of all ages a very Merry Christmas!

AoP Tech Team

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Alissa DeVito, Associate Director of Educational Technology

Aaron Heintz, Technology Integration Coach

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