Weekly Notes, News & Whoo Hoos!

January 15, 2014

Business Update

Shipping Update

Completing orders from Jan 11

Shipping Outlet Sale is complete.


On page 19 of Virtuous Woman Magazine there is a mistake in the April C&C dates. The correct dates are April 3rd-6th and it is the Spring Premiere.

Missing 31 Minutes Calls

Home Office will let you know where on TOT they will be in the future. An audit was done and they removed some of the calls that had outdated information.

Dates to Remember

Jan 13-21--Late Registration for Celebrate & Connect

Jan 30--staggered Month End

Feb 1-8--Celebrate & Connect Meetings

April 3-6--Spring Premier

National Conference!

Jan1-April 30--earning period for Conference Bucks

March--registration begins

July 10-12--Denver, CO

July 23-25--Columbus, OH

Megaphone Icon is Back!

We have great news you’re sure to cheer about! The Megaphone Icon-It is returning for the Spring season! We know this is a popular Icon-It, and we bet your Customers will be happy to know it’s still available.

You won’t see it in the Spring Catalog, but the Megaphone Icon-It will be available in your Virtual Office for ordering: for $10 with text and $7 without text.

It’s also listed in the Icon-It section of the Icon-It Personalization Guide, which you can find in the Toolbox on ThirtyOneToday.com. It’s available now, so make sure to spread the word to your Customers!

National Conference Chatter

National Conference Plans are being put together right now!

This year things a little bit differently. Director Day and Super Day will be the same day! Director’s Day will be in the morning and Super Day be in late afternoon (after 4 pm) and evening.

Please don’t worry about your Hotel Reservations, Thirty-One has reserved a lot of rooms in advance, so you need to wait until they share information with us. They are not sold out they are being held!

Kelly Heckert--Senior Executive Director