Reforms of the 1800s

Cheyenne Foster


When a slave rebellion breaks out in the south lead by Nat Turner, lives are taken and fear of rebellions grow stronger. The North realizes that slavery is bad and begins the Abolition reform. Two of the more know abolitionists are William Lloyd Garrison and Fredrick Dougless.

Slavery is wrong and costs a lot of lives, so join this movement to help stop the blood shed.

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Women's Rights

Women are tired of living behind the pots and pans, behind the flowers and fences. They want to be equal in society, they want the same rights that men have always had. Two women, Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who are not afraid have held Seneca Falls Conventions to gather women who are tired of hiding and want to live in a world where they have just the same freedom as males.

Join this reform if you're tired of living behind the pots and pans. Fight for women's rights today!


Alcohol is a no go! Women these days don't need a man pushing them around and hitting on them because their drunk. That's not an excuse. It's never an excuse.

Join the American Temperance Society today to join this reform to stop the "i was drunk" excuse.

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Mental Health/Prison Reform

Do you know right from wrong? Would you take responsibility of your actions? The answer should be yes, but for some people they don't because of their mental health. Visiting the prisons, Dorothea Dix discovered that mentally ill people convicted that don't know right from wrong have to suffer the same as the ones who do. Yes, whatever they did was wrong, but they need treatment. This is why Dorothea Dix helped get those convicted mentally ill get the treatment they need.

Join the Prison Reform today to convince the public that the mentally ill need the treatment.

Education Reform

Some people don't have the money to attend a private schools, but thanks to Horace Mann kid and adults don't have to worry about that anymore. Thanks to him, you can go to public school instead. Everyone needs an education no matter your financial state.

Join this reform today to spread the word that everyone needs and can get an education!!

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