The old man travels

Derek reiber

The old man travels

By:Derek reiber

December 2, 2014

The old man travels

Long ago there was a old man he want to do something like Travel. He want to ride the sea and explore the world he first need to see if it was ok if he had lots of food money to buy things on way and may have a boat if needed. He first was poor so he could only do little in life. There was never jobs so he couldn't make money or buy food. He still wanted his dream to come true.

Over the past 3 days he been walking the streets of quiz city and had thought about were he could go and how his dream could come true. After walking the streets in the city he had found a woman or man on the right side of a hard brick wall. The person just sat and waited for something to come and talk to him or her so the old man had walk over to the person and found out it was a boy. He had a brown hood on and a long shirt with a cape on and some pants. The young man sitting there had got up and ask some questions like "why are you here".The old man had to speak up and said " I thought you looked like you needed help or something" the young man put down his hood and said " please to meet you am bob." The old man wanted to help the young man so he said " why don't you come with me I have a little sleeping bag and a tent for you to sleep in. The young man had said yes to his deal.

Hours past and the old man need to hunt for food. He had went at midnight so no deer and animals could see him very we'll. The young man had got up and walked to the beach where the sand was hot and he could to the full moon. The old man had found bob and had watched what he was doing from the woods. The old man had came out with a tall 15 point deer with some birds and more. The old man talked to bob and bob said "I can't sleep " the old man couldn't sleep to so they had walk back to the tent and start a fire they heated a deer. Then out of no where the deer skin had touch the heat of fire and the deer had flied up with his wings and had crushed down on the ground the deer had walk up to the old man and the deer had said " you get one wish" the old man was going to say " I wish my dream came true " so the old man jumped on to the deers back so did bob too. They then after one second they were at a island full of trees and a boat the deer leaved and after days later he had his dream come true and he learned a lesson that if you believe in something don't give up on it it can come true .

The end