Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

By: Nick and Jillian


The city of Mayaguez is made up of 21 districts. The climate all year around is mild.

Places to visit

There are many beaches such as the Caba Rojo beach and Playa la Playa beach. The Caba Rojo' location is along the southwest coast which means its waters come from the Caribbean Sea; this makes it great for families since the waters are always warm and the sand is always soft. The Playa a Playa beach is easily reached and away from crowds; perfect for people who want to relax with their families undisturbed. Mayaguez is also home to the biggest zoo in puerto rico! This zoo has over 75 different animal species in over 30 exibits. This zoo is rated very well out of the people who have visited it. These animals you will see here are not the regular anaimal you would see in a normal zoo! In addition to this, another place to visit parque de Litoral it is the Olympic park for when Puerto Rico hosted the Olympics. There are also museums.These mesumes are favorites to many locals and are easy to reach. The Museo Historico de Las Piedras is a museme that has many pieces of history from the area. This museum will be fun for the whole family! This attraction is defintly a must see!


Mayaguez was founded in 1760 by Faustino Martínez de Matos, Juan de Silva and Juan de Aponte. Mayaguez means "land of the clear waters" due to that the river in Mayagues is known as Yagüez River, when translated in means "clear waters". In April 15, 1975 the last battle of the Vietnam war occurred in Mayaguez.


Mayaguez is located in the Southern Hemisphere in Puerto Rico.


The people Of Mayaguez are indigenous to Spain. The population is 89,080 ad there are an estimated 3 people per household. The favorite sport of the locals is baseball. The languages spoken are mostly Spanish and English. There are 38 public schools in the city.