Sticks and Stones

Words do hurt!

High School - all grade levels

Bullying Awareness is an interdisciplinary unit that allows students to study and explore the impact bullying has on the victim, the bystander, the bully, and society. The Bullying Awareness unit will allow students to conduct interest-based research with connections to English language arts, social studies, and science. For example, students will research, organize, prepare, and present informative written and oral messages, as addressed in the English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science TEKS. They will also understand how historical events impact today’s society.

Bulling PSA

B. The product

1. Each student will create an original Public Service Announcement (PSA). The recorded PSA can consist of: the student sharing information, a skit with other students participating, a pictorial (picture plus editorial) set to music, or another delivery methodthat is approved by the teacher. Windows Live Movie Maker and One True Media are user-friendly sources for creating the PSA. The programs allow for the inclusion of photos, videos, captions, visual effects, and music. Students should consider such issues as: obtaining permission to film, posting protocols to social media sites, etc.

Guidelines for the PSA:

  • Length: 2 minutes

  • Topic of research is evident in PSA

  • Clear and easy to understand audio

  • Must be saved on a flash drive

  • Written Script of the PSA

    The PSA will be followed by a formal presentation of the research material as well as a personal reflection. Personal reflections might include: what the student learned, what does he/she now think and feel, and how this project will affect his/her future actions.

2. A poster with artwork and an original slogan depicting the student’s topic of study. The poster should also reflect the PSA. The poster must be neat as the goal will be to share the students’ posters with the student body. Another option may be to show or announce PSA over the school media system during announcements.