The Alright Albrecht New's

Katelyn Albrecht

Albrecht Family Outing

On Saturday, April 4th, the Albrecht family visited the Xtreme Air in Appleton. They were looking for something to do other than swimming in their hotel pool in Appleton.

The Albrechts just had an Easter Egg Hunt in a nearby park. They were all looking forward to where they were going next, Xtreme Air!

When they had arrived at the building, they all saw that there were many trampolines and a rock wall. Katelyn was amazed at the expanse of the building, she said "I can't believe how huge everything is!" The Albrechts stayed there for less than an hour and enjoyed the trampolines, dodgeball, the Pit, the jousting, and most of all the rock wall. They said that the best part was the rock wall because they were all sweating when they reached the top.

Grandma and Grandpa Albrecht were the only ones who watched as everybody was jumping around and having the time of their lives. Papa Rick could not imagine jumping around with the rest of the family because he was tired just watching them.

The whole family would cherish the time they spent at Xtreme Air with each other and would sleep for days after their visit because they were all very exhausted.

Pulaski Students Fighting

In March, during a school lunch hour at Pulaski High School, a student had gotten beaten by another student. The victim of the violence was supposedly making annoying sounds with his friends at his lunch table. The student had asked a teacher if he could do something about the students and the noises. The teacher had replied "go crack him in the back of the head cuz that's what I want to do and if you do hit him I will slowly make my way over and break it up."

There was a video taken by a fellow student during the incident. The video showed that a student broke the fight up and not the teacher that said he would slowly make his way to break the fight up if the student had hit the other student making the noises.

The victims father posted the video taken of the fight to get that teacher reprimanded for encouraging the student to beat his son and for not breaking the fight up as soon as he could.

The boy beating the student was suspended for four days. Fortunately there were no serious injuries found on anyone.

Mexican Cowboy

In a Mexican auditorium on a warm summer night, a Mexican Cowboy put on a very exciting show. He was a true cowboy demonstrating his lasso skills to provide entertainment for his audience.

The Mexican Cowboy is an anonymous Mexican citizen that can use a lasso surprisingly well. He performed for an audience and had gotten many of applauses for his performance. The cowboy's show was watched by many as he took a bow and exited the stage.

Some skills he demonstrated were difficult, but not impossible. He jumped through the lasso, he jump over the lasso and also controlled the lasso around his arm.

The audience enjoyed all the entertainment the Mexican Cowboy had offered. They would soon tell everybody to watch this particular Cowboy because he was the best Mexico had to offer.