Truitt Technology

What can @TCEA16 do for Truitt?

Creation of a Campus Culture

Let’s get away from how to squeeze technology into your curriculum, instead, let’s explore how technology can make teaching easier for you.

How do we do this?

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Lessons with Leadership

  • Using Google docs, sheets, slides, forms, etc. to collaborate and communicate with staff. Take things we are already doing, but do it more easily, with less paper. Work smarter, not harder.

  • ELL forms, Announcements, PDAS, lesson plans, data digs, AAS docs.
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Digital Ambassadors (Coaches)

  • Enabling staff members to act as technology coaches/mentors

  • Technology team with monthly meetings after staff meetings to introduce new technology, tech team members will then share that information with their department teams.

Individualized Training Plan

  • Use Google forms to perform a needs-based assessment of where to focus staff development for admins.

  • Provide feedback

  • Identify next step
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Looking Into the Future...Changing Our Digital Footprint

Use same plan with a focus on teachers instead of administration.

  • Ambassadors
  • Badges
  • Technology Team members
  • Students

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Ambassadors For Our Future

Who we would like to be an ambassador:

Batman - Bryan McDaniel

Robin - Meredith Craven

Office Para - Maria Fazio

AAS - Stephen and Laurie

Social Studies - Trey Morman or Ginger Phillips

Math - Brooke Bunting

R/LA - Vanessa Molina

Science - Stella Villalovoz

Large Group / Electives - Kristen Phillips, Katie Richardson

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What would being an ambassador entail?

Ambassadors would be responsible for:

-participating in monthly meetings following the staff meeting

-disseminating information to department

-assisting department members with technological difficulties

-leading staff members in badge initiative

-notifying chairs of deficiencies from department for targeted trainings

Badges...Of Course We Need Badges!!!

Staff members will demonstrate competency using different modalities. Upon demonstration, staff will receive badges (stickers and digitally) to showcase their achievement. The stickers can be posted outside of the classroom doorway and the digital badges can be attached to email signatures, posted on staff/school websites, etc. We will model our badge program after Denton ISD’s programs. Staff will need to provide an example to demonstrate how technology has been mastered.

Tech Tuesday T-Shirt

Once staff has earned a set number of badges, they will included in the “tech team.” As an incentive to join this team, members will be allowed to wear jeans with their technology shirt once a week on “Tech Tuesday”.
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